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WSGA is a consortium of insightful professionals with broad international experience, advising governments and the private sector on strategic investment, real estate opportunities, investor immigration, global branding and marketing, and nation-branding to build competitive advantage.

Successful consultants know that broad multi-disciplinary experience offers a better service to clients than traditional narrow professionalism. The lead WSGA advisors circle the globe four to six times every year to service clients, update strategic information, consult with emerging industry leaders and identify investment opportunities. They read the streets, climb construction sites in hard hats, talk to locals, compare the retail cash lines, question youth, and probe the emerging trends they perceive. They do not sit in the cocoon of hotel and board rooms.

The Advisors have world-class professional training in finance, architecture, law, accounting, journalism and marketing. All travel widely, visiting and consulting to government, institutional and private clients in over 22 countries. 

Wei Su

Ms. Su is a U.S. attorney-at-law, with an American JD.

Having studied on four continents, she is a graduate of the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, holds a Masters from Sheffield University in the UK and has done post-graduate studies in Marketing in Canada and the US, where she has taught International Marketing. She also holds a CPA designation in Australia, following post-graduate studies in the Faculty of Law and Business at Deakin University. She was chosen as a Scholar-in-Residence at McGill University, where she produced a film on Canadian-Chinese immigrants. Wei also undertook pro-bono U.S. immigration work in aid of Haitian and Cuban refugees. 

At Oxford University in the UK she studied European Law and International Media Law, and studied Chinese Law at the China University of Political Science and Law with legal scholars responsible for the latest law reforms. She also completed advanced legal studies in Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration in California.

Wei was, for five years, founding CEO of the China subsidiary of the largest clothing manufacturer in the US, creating a multi-city China retailing company, developing marketing strategy, recruitment and logistics, and negotiating real estate locations for expansion. She has worked in commodities trading for an Australian firm in China and was previously the most widely-read English-language columnist and editor in Beijing media. Wei was interviewed on CNBC as the subject of a feature on China-U.S. business relations.

Aimée Chernicharo

Aimée is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a record of achievement as a distinguished immigration attorney.

She leads a team specializing in difficult adjustment of status cases at the St. Thomas School of Law Human Rights Institute, following her passion in speaking for the voiceless in the immigrant community. As Manager, she is responsible for legal representation before the Immigration Court and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as the supervision of staff members. She also serves on state-wide immigrant services task forces.

Aimée has long been a leader in the development of renewable energy projects. She managed transactions in mergers, acquisitions, development and many first-of-its- kind financings for the unregulated energy sector of a major utility, Next Era Energy, formerly FPL (Florida Power and Light) for many years. While in private practice, she led projects in geothermal, wind and solar energy generation. She was instrumental in the financing of the largest solar power project in the world.

Her legal research has included collaboration on the global issue of the tax consequences of offshore asset protection trusts.

Aimée is Chair-elect of the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as well as filling leadership roles in organizations focused on ethnic and race issues. She has been a nominee for awards for Women of Distinction and Leadership Excellence.

Aimée’s international focus on both immigration practice and the most innovative new energy solutions and large-scale financing makes her a uniquely valuable member of the WSGA Team.

Brianne DeSellier

Brianne is an International Tax Attorney and prominent television legal analyst. She holds an LLM in taxation from New York University, recognized as the top tax law school program in the U.S. 

In addition, she is a licensed CPA with an accounting degree from the University of Miami. She is at the forefront of all international legal taxation issues and as a respected legal analyst is called upon regularly by CNN and other media for her analysis of high-profile cases and other legal issues making headlines worldwide.

Brianne applies her international taxation knowledge in working with one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in the U.S., part of an international network of 140 firms with offices in 400 cities worldwide. In addition, she manages her own firm, DeSellier Law, LLC, and produces her highly-respected law blog,  widely-consulted for up-to-to-date international tax issues by professionals everywhere.

Actively involved in the community as a pro-bono attorney, Brianne represents low-income Legal Aid clients in negotiations with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and pleads on their behalf in Tax Court. She was also appointed a Board Member of the County Consumer Protection Division.

Brianne is a Certified Personal Trainer. Admired for balancing long and stressful legal working days while maintaining superior health and fitness, she decided to share her knowledge and produce a book on fitness and health, targeting working professionals – a work in progress.

As international taxation is an issue for all EB-5 clients, WSGA proudly presents her expertise, legal and personal, available for individual consultation.

Harry Parnass

Mr. Parnass is a graduate of Harvard and Columbia Universities, having studied at the Harvard Graduate School of Business, the JFK Institute of Politics and the M.I.T. Urban Planning School. 

He is an architect specializing in Urban Design and has been a Professor for two decades lecturing globally at universities and to pension investment funds on investment strategies.

Harry has advised the Canadian and U.S. governments on urban development strategies, creating multi-billion dollar redevelopment schemes to revitalize urban cores across North America. The rejuvenation of waterfronts in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and New York, among others, spring from his pioneering project initiatives. Harry has created urban design commercial solutions ranging from knitting together the Arab and Jewish sectors of Jerusalem with shopping centers and child-centered recreation; boosting the tourism infrastructure of Barbados; and implanting a new university in emerging northern Brazil.

He continues advising Chinese developers on the strategic advantages of green architecture, taking account of beneficial taxation policies rewarding socially-responsible design.

Howard Scott

Mr. Scott is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

As a widely experienced real-estate investor, consultant and manager, he has developed and managed major shopping centers and millions of square metres of big-box retail facilities in Canada, created innovative development schemes for tourism-related facilities in eastern Canada, and has advised on real-estate components of new energy projects in western North America.    

Howard has been a registered representative of the major Canadian stock exchanges and regularly advises on start-ups in financial products and real estate ventures. As an entrepreneur in identifying and packaging strategic investment opportunities linking retail, tourism and housing facilities, he monitors emerging life-style trends and needs that can be met through targeted investment.

Howard’s extensive personal network of investors and entrepreneurs places him in an advantageous position to advise clients on how to best meet their financial objectives.